Celosia, Scarlet Plume (Celosia plumosa) - 100 Seeds

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Scarlet Plume Celosia (Celosia plumosa) - 100 Seeds

• Heirloom
• Non-GMO
• American Grown Seeds
• Annual
• USDA Zones: 2-11

Introducing the Scarlet Plume Celosia - a true spectacle in any garden or landscape! This unique plant is known for its vibrant scarlet plumes that are both visually stunning and long-lasting. Perfect for adding a pop of color to your garden, its showy flowers also make eye-catching additions to bouquets and floral arrangements. The Scarlet Plume Celosia isn't just a feast for the eyes, though; it's also a hit with butterflies, drawing them in and adding an extra layer of life and vibrancy to your outdoor space.

Sow 2-3 seeds per grouping onto soil surface. Do not cover as light is required for germination. Maintain 70-75° F temperature. After seedlings develop two leaves, thin to one seedling per cell. Transplant outdoors post final frost when daytime temperature is above 65° F and nighttime is above 50° F. Space them 9-12 inches apart.