Blue Eyed Grass, Stout (Sisyrinchium angustifolium) - 50 Seeds

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Stout Blue Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium angustifolium) is an enchanting ground cover plant that brings delicate beauty and charm to your garden. This heirloom variety features stunning, star-shaped blue flowers with bright yellow centers, creating a striking visual effect. These low-growing plants are perfect for borders, rock gardens, or as an ornamental ground cover. Easy to grow and maintain, Blue Eyed Grass adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

•Plant height: 6-12 inches
•Days to maturity: 60-90 days
•USDA Zone: 4-9

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS (Included on packet): For fall sowing, no stratification needed. For spring planting, a 60 day cold stratification is needed to break the seeds' dormancy. Start seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last frost date or sow directly outdoors after the risk of frost has passed. Plant seeds 1/8 inch deep and keep the soil consistently moist until germination occurs, which typically takes 14-28 days. Transplant seedlings outdoors after the last frost, spacing them 6-8 inches apart. Blue Eyed Grass prefers full sun to light shade and well-draining, moist soil.