Microgreen, Speckled Peas (Anethum graveolens) - 15 grams

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Speckled Peas Microgreens (Anethum graveolens) - 15 grams

•American grown seeds
•Very easy to grow
•Days to Maturity: 8-14 days
•15 grams = One 1020 tray worth of seeds

Pea microgreens are surprisingly healthy and easy to grow. With a little practice and effort, you’ll have your own supply of these delicious microgreens throughout the year! The term ‘microgreens’ means the growing of a plant into its first leaves appear. This can be achieved in the space of a few weeks. You’ll be surprised to discover that microgreens tend to have more nutrients than the mature plant. It is worth noting that if you leave the microgreens to grow longer you can actually get pea shoots instead. In effect, this is simply a case of waiting for the second set of leaves to grow; making the plant slightly taller but just as nutritious.

Nutritional Value:
Packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber (Over 220% Vitamin C, also Vitamin A & B6, calcium, iron, and magnesium), these nutrients can help with preventing a range of diseases, managing weight, boosting both mental and physical health and well-being. Microgreens can offer all of these benefits and possibly more.

Growing Instructions:
Grow on potting mix or soilless medium of your choice in shallow 1020 style trays or 20-row flats. Broadcast seed thickly on the media surface with seeds roughly 1/4" apart, press seeds firmly into the media for maximum soil contact, and cover lightly with sowing mix, vermiculite, or humidity dome. Microgreens can be germinated on heat mats, in germination chambers, or on greenhouse benches or floors. Bottom water or mist to prevent sowing mix from splashing on the seedlings. Maintain even moisture and do not allow sowing medium to dry out. Consider supplemental lighting in any environment where natural light is insufficient, such as in a greenhouse during the short days of winter.