Mexican Mint, Mexican Tarragon (Tagetes lucida) - 50 Seeds

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This compact perennial looks similar to marigolds, but is often listed as a substitute for French tarragon. It is easy and provides great fall colored yellow flowers. The leaves have a fragrance similar to anise or licorice. This native to Mexico and Southwest US is drought and heat tolerant. Blooming in summer to late fall, it is excellent for attracting migrating butterflies. Traditionally, the leaves were an important flavoring for chocolatl, the foamy, stimulating cocoa drink of the ancient Aztecs.

•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 6-12

Growing Instructions:
Transplant (recommended): Sow seeds 1/8" deep in soil mix 6-8 weeks before the last frost. When the seedlings are several inches tall, pinch back tips to promote branching and to prevent plant lodging, or falling over in the wind. Repeat pinching after two weeks. Harden off before planting outside, after the last frost.
Direct seed: After the last frost, sow 1/4" deep. Thin and pinch back when the true leaves appear. Space 8-12" apart in rows 18" apart.

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