Medicinal Herb Seed Collection - 15 Varieties

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Introducing our exclusive 15 Seed Medicinal Herb Collection, a carefully curated selection of diverse and beneficial herbs designed to help you create your own thriving, all-natural home apothecary. This collection offers a wide range of therapeutic plants that are easy to grow and simple to use, whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener. Discover the healing power of nature and elevate your well-being with these potent, versatile herbs. Like always, all of our collections are customizable. Want to change one or all of the seeds, just put your substitution in the "buyer's note" at checkout and we'll take care of the rest.

The 15 Seed Medicinal Herb Collection includes:

Basil, Holy Tulsi - 100 seeds
Calendula, Pacific Beauty - 100 seeds
Chamomile, Roman - 300 seeds
Coneflower, Purple (Echinacea) - 100 seeds
Feverfew - 100 seeds
Lavender, English - 100 seeds
Lemon Balm - 100 seeds
Mullein, Common - 100 seeds
Pepper, Cayenne - 30 seeds
Peppermint - 100 seeds
Plantain, Common - 100 seeds
St John's Wort - 100 seeds
Stinging Nettle - 100 seeds
Valerian - 100 seeds
Yarrow, White - 100 seeds

Start your journey towards a more holistic and natural lifestyle with our 15 Seed Medicinal Herb Collection – the perfect addition to any garden or windowsill.