Passionflower, Blue (Bluecrown) (Passiflora caerulea) - 20 Seeds

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Blue Passion Flower (Passiflora caerulea) - 20 Seeds

•Also known as Bluecrown Passionflower or Common Passion Flower
•American grown seeds
•No stratification needed
•USDA Zone 6-9 (can be grown in colder areas with protection)

This easy to grow and extremely fast growing, hardy passionflower is among the most beautiful of all climbers and is a winner of the prestigious Award of garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society. This plant is absolutely amazing for trellises, walls, fences and arbors and makes an amazing choice for cottage gardens. The attractive 3 inch blooms will start once the weather warms and then will be sporadic through the summer followed by egg sized deep orange fruits from late summer to fall. The fruit will taste similar to a blackberry, but it has one of the most enticing scents of all fruits. The pulp is very sweet and is used often for beverages and jams. This makes makes butterflies extremely fond of this plant.

Planting Instructions:
Like most fruits, passion flower is slow to germinate, but those with patience will definitely be rewarded. Start your seed indoors by scarifying them (nicking them with a knife or file) and then soaking them for one to two days in warm water. It is a myth that floating seeds are not viable and many seed varieties will indeed float. Place the well-soaked seeds on the surface of damp potting mix, pat down, but do not cover since they need light to germinate. Keep moist and in full to partial shade. Good drainage is absolutely essential. Being a tropical plant, they'll want warmer temps, so protect them in the colder months in zones 6 or colder. They can be grown in containers and moved to an area that is protected in colder zones, but they are avid climbers, so plan accordingly. The the larger the container and deeper the roots can grow, the more they will be adapt to handle freezes and droughts. Despite being tropical, it has been known to survive temps down to -15°F.

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