Sedum, Roof Mix - 500 Seeds

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Sedum, Roof Mix - 500 Seeds

• Heirloom
• Non-GMO
• American Grown Seeds
• Perennial
• USDA Zone: 3-10

1 packet = 10 square foot coverage

Transform your rooftop into a lush, sustainable ecosystem with our Sedum Roof Mix. This handpicked selection of drought-tolerant succulents is perfect for green roofing, offering low maintenance and high adaptability. Ideal for both extensive and intensive green roofs, these plants thrive with minimal care, bringing substantial environmental benefits. They help alleviate flooding by retaining rainwater, reduce noise pollution, enhance a building's thermal insulation, and create natural habitats to boost biodiversity. As green roofs gain popularity across urban and rural landscapes, this Sedum mix stands out for its ecological impact and ease of cultivation.

Beyond its environmental benefits, the Sedum Roof Mix offers aesthetic appeal, seamlessly integrating buildings into their surroundings or injecting much-needed green spaces into urban areas. With a palette of greens, yellows, reds, and purples, this mix provides evergreen beauty that changes throughout the year. Once established, it forms a dense mat that suppresses weeds and demands little maintenance, making it a prime choice for contributing to sustainable development goals while enhancing a building’s appearance and efficiency with a vibrant living roof.

Designed specifically for shallow root systems, our Sedum Roof Mix is an ideal solution for green roofs with limited substrate layer depth. This lightweight, resilient selection is perfect for buildings with restricted load-bearing capacities and can withstand extreme weather conditions, from intense heat to bitter cold. With minimal requirements for water and nutrients, and a strong resistance to diseases and pests, these sedum varieties ensure easy maintenance. This mix is not just practical; it's also visually striking, transforming any rooftop into a vibrant garden that enhances the environment and urban biodiversity.

Plant seeds from January to March or June to August for next year's bloom. In cold climates, growth starts in spring when it's 60-65°F. Start sedum indoors on soil surface without covering, keeping soil moist. Insulate with a plastic bag in a warm area. Transplant post-frost. For outdoor sowing, prepare a well-drained bed. Mix seeds with sand for even coverage and gently rake mix into soil. Lightly water. During winter, protect seeds with an outdoor cover to avoid frost.

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