Summer Garden Seed Collection - 10 Heat Loving Varieties

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QUANTITY: 10 Varieties

Meet our Summer Garden seed collection! This exclusive selection, hand-picked for the heat-lovers among us, can thrive in temperatures from the low to mid-90s. Included in this vibrant array are the long and lean Yard Long Beans, crunchy Beit Alpha Cucumbers, stunning Black Beauty Eggplants, prolific Jambalaya Okra, resilient California Blackeyed Peas, and zesty Jalapeno Peppers. Don't forget the Malabar Spinach that will keep your salads fresh all summer long, the heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomatoes bursting with rich flavor, the refreshing and juicy Sugar Baby Watermelon, and the versatile Dark Green Zucchini. Each variety in this collection is designed to not only withstand the summer heat but to thrive in it, bringing you a bountiful and delicious harvest. Revel in the sun and savor the true taste of summer with our Summer Garden collection. Like always, feel free to make any changes you would like to the collection. Just put the changes in the buyer's note at checkout.


• Bean, Yard Long
• Cucumber, Beit Alpha
• Eggplant, Black Beauty
• Okra, Jambalaya
• Peas, California Blackeyed
• Pepper, Jalapeno
• Spinach, Malabar
• Tomato, Cherokee Purple
• Watermelon, Sugar Baby
• Zucchini, Dark Green

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS (Included on packet): Each variety has its own specific growing requirements. Please refer to individual seed packets for detailed growing instructions.