Cranberry, American (Vaccinium macrocarpon) - 50 Seeds

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Looking for something unique to add to your holiday table this year? Why not try American cranberry seeds! These tart and juicy berries are perfect for adding a bit of sweetness to any dish. And, with their pretty pink flowers and shiny dark green leaves, they make a beautiful addition to any garden.


The simple answer is no. While cranberries are often seen growing in water, that is because the berries have air pockets which causes them to float thus makes them easier to be harvested. This is called the "wet" method and is typically only used in commercial production particularly with juices and canned cranberries. The "dry" method is where they are grown like a traditional plant where that's direct sown or in a container. American cranberries do not need either water or a boggy area. They are more than happy to be grown in a pot or in the garden. In addition to their amazing berries, they make an amazing ornamental plant.

•Vaccinium macrocarpon
•American Grown Seeds
•USDA Zones: 2-7

Planting Instructions:
Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours. Cold stratify for 90 days. Surface sow in a lime free sterile growing medium at 65-75° and keep moist, cover seedbed with some shade. Transplant to their final location once they are well established.

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