Pollinator Garden Collection - 12 Amazing Pollinator Varieties

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The population of bees and butterflies is declining worldwide as a result of the presence of parasites, the use of pesticides and herbicides, and climate change. This is not only incredibly sad; it is also a potential tragedy and threat to our very existence, as we rely on bees and butterflies (as well as hummingbird pollinators) to pollinate our food supply and the food supply for other animals, bird, and insect life. Without bees and butterflies, at best, the world would be a much less colorful place. By cultivating a bee and butterfly garden with plants that attract them and provide them with shelter, we can each play our own small but important role in maintaining and building thriving happy bee and butterfly populations in our local area for now and into the future.

Like always, our collections are fully customizable, so you can replace anything you don't need with anything that we carry. Just put the substitution that you would like in the "Add a note to your order" section of the shopping cart.

Collection includes...

1. Sage, Blue - 100 Seeds
2. Calendula, Pacific Beauty - 100 Seeds
3. Zinnia, California Giant - 100 Seeds
4. Coneflower, Purple - 100 Seeds
5. Milkweed, Tropical - 50 Seeds
6. Snapdragon, Tetra - 200 Seeds
7. Wild Bergamot, Bee Balm - 100 Seeds
8. Sunflower, Teddy Bear - 25 Seeds
9. Borage, Blue - 100 Seeds
10. Marigold, French Petite - 100 Seeds
11. Hyssop, Blue - 200 Seeds
12. Goldenrod, Showy - 100 Seeds

All are rated to grow in zones 3-12 except Wild Bergamot which is zones 2-9. We understand that you may have different needs, climate requirements, or things you may have already growing in your garden, so we're more than happy to allow you to swap out any of these seeds for any other seed we carry. Swap one or swap all... just put the change in the "buyer's note" at checkout.

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