Superfoods Seed Collection - 7 Heirloom Varieties

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QUANTITY: 7 Varieties of Seeds

The Superfoods Seed Collection is a specially curated selection designed to elevate your nutrition with power-packed superfoods. This collection includes:

• Kale, Lacinato - 250 seeds
• Spinach, Bloomsdale - 150 seeds
• Beet, Detroit Dark Red - 200 seeds
• Chia - 250 seeds
• Quinoa, Brightest Brilliant Rainbow - 250 seeds
• Goji Berry - 50 seeds
• Blueberry, Northern Highbush - 50 seeds

These crops are rich in vital nutrients and antioxidants, making them an excellent choice for boosting health and well-being. With this collection, you can start growing your own superfood garden and enjoy fresh, nutrient-dense produce right at home. Like always, all of our collections are fully customizable. Just put your changes in the "buyer's note" at checkout!

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: Detailed growing instructions for each variety are included in their individual seed packets.