Sunflower Seed Collection - 6 Varieties

$10.99 $21.99
Unleash a vibrant burst of color in your garden with our Sunflower Garden Seed Collection! This cheerful collection of 6 tantalizing sunflower varieties is meticulously chosen to bring brightness and joy to any outdoor space. Enjoy a dazzling display of yellows, oranges, and reds as these radiant blooms reach for the sky. From giant heads perfect for seed harvesting to smaller decorative varieties, this assortment provides something for every sunflower enthusiast. Like always, our collections are fully customizable. Just put your changes in the "buyer's note" at checkout.

Teddy Bear - 25 seeds
Autumn Beauty - 25 seeds
Mammoth Grey Stripe - 50 seeds
Velvet Queen - 25 seeds
Lemon Queen - 25 seeds
Chocolate - 25 seeds