Quinoa, Brightest Brilliant Rainbow (Chenopodium quinoa) - 250 Seeds

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The quinoa plant is an ancient, nutritious food that originated in the South American mountains. Home gardeners in the temperate north can grow quinoa, one of the most productive food grains. Both leaves and grain are edible. There are several ways to prepare seeds, including cooking, roasting, or grinding them into flour. The young leaves of this plant are delicious cooked like spinach. A moderately warm climate (lower than 95°F) and a cool nighttime temperature are ideal for growing this plant.

•Chenopodium quinoa
•American Grown
•Zones: 4-10

Planting Instructions:
Direct sowing is recommended due to the long taproots. Sow 2 weeks after the last frost in spring at a depth of 1/8" deep. Seeds should be sown in cool soil, with soil temperatures at 45-60ºF. Best sown in rows and thinned to 8-18" apart when the seedlings are 6" tall. Harvest for greens when 6-8" tall or let grow for beautiful tall blooms that can be harvested for grain.