Caper Bush (Capparis spinosa) - 10 Seeds

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The caper bush, also called Flinders rose, is a perennial, flowering plant that bears rounded, fleshy leaves and large white to pinkish-white flowers. Caperbushes are mainly used by humans for their fruit, which are rich in micronutrients. Capparis spinosa, simply known as caper, yields fruit (caper berries) and more importantly flower buds, which are widely used pickled as a vegetable condiment. Other parts of Capparis plants are used in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics.

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 8-11

Planting Instructions:
Caper seeds are very tiny and dormant. Dried seeds are more difficult to germinate, so soak for one day in warm water and then cold stratify in the refrigerator for 2-3 months. After the cold cycle, re-soak the seed overnight before sowing at a depth of .5" in a very well draining medium. For northern growers, it's often best to start them in a large pot with a base of coarse rock or crumbled brick. Take care not to overwater as this plant's foliage is a natural water conservator. They will need sunlight to flourish and temps of -20°F or lower will kill them, so bring the pot indoors or put in a greenhouse. When transplanting, be sure to not disturb the roots as little as possible. Before moving plant outside, be sure to "harden off" for a week to allow the plant to adjust to the new environment.

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