French Garden Seed Collection - 10 Varieties

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QUANTITY: 10 Seed Varieties

With the French Culinary Herb Seed Collection, you're not just growing herbs; you're cultivating a tradition of culinary excellence. These herbs will not only beautify your garden but also elevate your cooking, bringing the rich flavors and aromas of French cuisine to your table. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned gardeners, this collection is your gateway to the world of gourmet cooking.

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This collection includes:

• Chervil (Cerfeuil): Offers a mild flavor with a hint of anise, used in soups, salads, and egg dishes.
• Fennel (Fenouil): The fronds provide a sweet, anise-like flavor, ideal for fish dishes, salads, and infusing sauces.
• Lavender (Lavande): Known for its distinctive floral note, used sparingly in baked goods and some savory dishes.
• Peppermint (menthe poivrée): Fresh and aromatic, used in desserts, beverages, and some savory dishes, adding a cool, refreshing flavor.
• Marjoram (Marjolaine): Sweet and delicate, used in soups, sauces, and with grilled meats.
• Parsley (Persil): Fresh and slightly peppery, used as a garnish and in soups, stews, and sauces.
• Rosemary (Romarin): Strong and piney, commonly used in roasting meats and vegetables.
• Sage (Sauge): Slightly peppery with mint hints, often used with pork, duck, and in stuffings.
• Tarragon (Estragon): Distinctive for its anise-like flavor, staple in sauces and with chicken, egg, and fish.
• Thyme (Thym): Strong and earthy, essential in many dishes and herb combinations.

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: Detailed growing instructions for each variety are included in their individual seed packets.

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