Kids Garden Seed Collection - 10 Amazing Seed Varieties

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Ryan and I teaching our 3 children the joy of gardening was one of the most rewarding parts of being a parent. It's good, wholesome fun and our kids absolutely loved it from toddlers up to teenagers. We're firm believers in teaching our little ones (they're not so little anymore) about respecting nature and the work that goes into providing them the food that they eat everyday. These lessons are invaluable and you don't need a large yard or special tools. Just get some containers, a spoon, some soil, go over the directions with them and watch their smiles grow. You won't be disappointed. The seeds in this collection were selected not only because they're easy to grow seeds, but also because they can handle rough handling and they'll keeps kids engaged throughout the growing process which is the toughest part.

Like always, our collections are fully customizable, so you can replace anything you don't need with anything that we carry. Just put the substitution that you would like in the "Add a note to your order" section of the shopping cart.

1. Sunflower, Teddy Bear (25 seeds) - Sunflowers are at the very top of most kids favorite seeds to grow. They're quick growing, germinating in a week and by the end of summer, they'll be taller than your kids. They're a hit.

2. Snap Peas (20 seeds) - Sugar snap peas are a quick growing, germinating in 10 days and are ready to eat in less than 2 months. Kids absolutely love to eat the sweet pods right off the vines.

3. Marigolds (100 seeds) - Marigolds are tough little plants and are great for teaching kids most of the skills gardeners need.... sowing seeds, potting, transplanting, deadheading, etc.

4. Cherry Tomatoes (100 seeds) - With the small size, kids absolutely love cherry tomatoes and being prolific growers, it'll keep them coming back throughout the growing season.

5. Royal Burgundy Bush Beans (50 seeds) - Beans are fast growing and have high yields. Kids absolutely love hunting these purple beans on the vines and the snap sound.

6. Lettuce Mesclun Mix (200 seeds) - This fast grower is reliable and quick to mature. You'll have your kids eating salad they grew themselves in less than a month.

7. Snapdragons, Tetra Mix (200 seeds) - Who doesn't love snapdragons? Kids definitely do and they love making their "mouths" open. 

8. Cucumber, Lemon (30 seeds) - Kids love cucumbers in general and they won't be able to get enough of these cute little lemon cucumbers. They're fast and reliable growers and searching for them is like an Easter egg hunt for the little tikes.

9. Watermelon, All Sweet (25 seeds) - What kids garden wouldn't include watermelon in it? This selection was easy!

10. Pumpkin, Jack O Lantern (20 seeds) - Although pumpkins take a while to grow, it'll make Halloween infinitely better when they carve a pumpkin that they grew themselves.