Burning Bush (Kochia trichophylla) - 100 Seeds

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Burning Bush Kochia Scoparia is a vigorous annual that is mostly grown for its unique foliage. Burning Bush seeds can be started indoors or directly outdoors after the last frost. Also called Summer Cypress or Mexican Fireweed this ornamental, shrubby annual grows upright and features rounded, symmetrical, cone-like growth habit. Kochia Scoparia produces feathery green foliage that changes its color to intense red in late summer and early fall. Burning Bush is an outstanding foliage plant that makes a superb accent in any garden. Kochia is a popular ornamental flower for bordering, container planting, hedging and screening. Kochia Scoparia seeds need light to germinate, so the surface sowing is required. The established Burning Bush grows best in full sun and dry or moist soil with good drainage provided, and Summer Cypress self-sows itself freely for the next season appearance.

•American Grown Seeds
•Height: 28 inches
•USDA Zones: 3-11

Growing Instructions:
When growing in the garden it is best to sow the seeds on the surface a couple of weeks before the last frost of spring is expected. They like to grow in sunny areas which have a soil pH of 6 to 7. If you plan to make a hedge, then line the seedling up about 20 cm apart once growing. If you first plan to grow Kochia indoors then they should be started about two months before they are due to be transplanted outside towards the end of spring. You will need to prepare the seeds by imbibing in water for a day; then keep the sown seeds in light and at 70° to 75° degrees. Transplant after the threat of frost.

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