Bird's Eye (Gilia tricolor) - 100 Seeds

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Gilia tricolor (Bird's-eyes, Bird's-eyes Gilia) is an annual US Native Wildflower in the Polemoniaceae (Phlox) family. It is widely cultivated around the world and is frequently included in wildflower seed mixes that are sold in many places. In the wild it is endemic to California where it grows in the Central Valley and surrounding mountain ranges and foothills, with major populations around the Bay Area. Individual flowers are very small but look great when massed. It is a very attractive, easy to grow wildflower with a long blooming season, which accounts for its popularity in the garden. Because it is an annual, it will die after blooming and setting seed, but it re-seeds itself reliably.

•US Native Wildflower
•American grown seeds
•Height: 16"
•USDA Zones: 1-12

Planting Instructions:
In late autumn, spread seeds directly just below the surface. For planting in the spring, combine the seeds with moist sand and refrigerate for 30 days prior to planting. Six to eight weeks after cold stratification, spread seeds in a flat or individual peat pots for indoor planting. Keep the soil moist and at room temperature until germination, which usually takes between two and three weeks. After the risk of frost has passed and the seedlings have become well-established, move them outside. Maintain soil moisture while seedlings develop. Once mature, they have a high drought tolerance and appreciate hot, dry environments. Overwatering can lead to the spread of illness.

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