Beginner Vegetable Seed Collection - 10 Varieties

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Beginner Vegetable Seed Collection - 10 Essential Varieties

This Beginner Vegetable Seed Collection is the perfect starting point for anyone new to gardening or looking to cultivate a thriving vegetable patch with ease. This collection includes a well-rounded assortment of easy-to-grow, delicious, and popular vegetables. Ideal for learning the basics of gardening and enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor!

In this collection, you will receive:

1. Bell Pepper, Cal Wonder (30 Seeds) - Large, sweet bell peppers, perfect for fresh eating and cooking.

2. Carrot Tendersweet (250 Seeds) - Slender and sweet, ideal for snacking and cooking.

3. Cucumber Straight Eight (30 Seeds) - Classic cucumber flavor, great for salads and slicing.

4. Green Bean, Contender (30 Seeds) - Easy to grow, perfect for a range of dishes from steamed to salads.

5. Lettuce Buttercrunch (500 Seeds) - Crisp and sweet, a salad favorite.

6. Peas, Sugar Snap (20 Seeds) - Sweet, crunchy, edible pods, delicious both raw and cooked.

7. Radish Cherry Belle (100 Seeds) - Mildly spicy, crisp texture, fast-growing.

8. Spinach, Bloomsdale (150 Seeds) - Flavorful and versatile, excellent in salads and cooked dishes.

9. Tomato Beefsteak (50 Seeds) - Large and meaty, a classic tomato choice.

10. Zucchini, Dark Green (25 Seeds) - Prolific and versatile, perfect for a variety of recipes.

Each seed packet in this collection is carefully chosen to ensure a successful and rewarding gardening experience for beginners. Enjoy the journey of growing your own food!