Bee Friendly Collection - 10 Flower Varieties

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Provide a thriving environment for our precious pollinators with this Bee Friendly Seed Collection. Carefully selected for their high nectar and pollen production, these varieties help support the health and strength of bee populations. Grow these seeds and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem while enjoying a vibrant and lively garden.

Bee Friendly Collection includes:

•Bee Balm, Wild - 100 seeds
•Borage, Blue - 100 seeds
•Calendula, Fiesta Gitana - 100 seeds
•Coneflower, Purple (Echinacea) - 100 seeds
•Hyssop, Anise - 200 seeds
•Goldenrod, Showy - 100 seeds
•Lavender, English - 100 seeds
•Sage, Blue - 50 seeds
•Sunflower, Lemon Queen - 25 seeds
•Yarrow, White - 100 seeds

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS (Included on packet): Each variety is unique, so follow the specific growing instructions on each individual seed packet for best results.