Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) - 100 Seeds

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Looking for an herb that can do it all? Meet stinging nettle, a versatile and potent plant that is a true powerhouse of herbal medicine. Not only do it have many benefits, but Stinging Nettle is delicious and is one of the most used herbs for teas used. 

Note from Southern Seeds: Nettles stimulate the growth of plants nearby, making them more resistant to disease. They are an extremely valuable addition to any garden.

•American grown seeds
•Bee Friendly
•Butterfly Friendly

Growing Instructions:
Start seeds inside about four to six weeks prior to the last frost free date for your area. Plant one to three seeds in peat pots filled with potting soil. Lightly cover them with ¼ inch of soil. Keep the growing stinging nettle seeds moist. Germination should occur by about 14 days. Transplant the growing nettle greens into a prepared garden bed, spaced at least 12 inches apart. You may also direct sow nettle greens in the garden. Choose a spot that has rich, moist soil a little ways from any other herbs. Seed in the spring in rows that are an inch apart and keep the area moist.

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