Lotus, American (Nelubo lutea) - 5 Seeds

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Add a bit of exotic flair to the garden pond with this aquatic perennial. The large yellowish blooms and round leaves float on the surface of the water. It looks like a flower from the tropics, but it is hardy and native to states as far north as Wisconsin.

•US Native Wildflower
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 4-11

Planting Instructions:
To encourage sprouting, these seeds must be scarified before planting. The seed coat should be removed from the side of the seed with a metal file until the pale yellow center is barely visible. Seeds should be soaked in water until they sprout, changing the water every day. Sprouting usually takes 2-4 weeks. Be aware that the emerging stem is actually a leaf, not a taproot, and plant in small peat pots just covered in water. Water depth should increase as plants grow. This plant dislikes being disturbed at its roots, so transplant outdoors carefully. The plant grows well in muddy, shallow water or in water up to six feet deep. Despite being rooted in the mud, its leaves and flowers float on water. This plant can be grown in large containers immersed in water at least 2 feet deep to prevent spreading.

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