Bean, Lima, White Dixie Butterpeas (Phaseolus lunatus) - 15 Seeds

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The White Dixie Butterpea lima bean plant stands about 2 feet high and produces beans on a bushy, bushy plant and is best picked when young to obtain its delicious flavor. It is very easy to harvest due to the extremely high yields of these medium-sized pods.

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•90 days
•Zones 3-12

Growing Instructions:
Because Lima Beans cannot survive cold weather, plant seeds well after the last frost when the soil temperature is over 70°. Place the seeds 2" deep and 10" apart in rows 30-36" apart allowing them to grow on a trellis or vertical support as soon as they emerge from the soil. If using a teepee structure, plant them in groups of 5-6 plants per pole. The soil should be enriched with compost or other organic matter and deeply worked. Lima beans prefer full sun, but can tolerate some shade, but germination times may be slow. Keep the soil moist for the most productive crops. Mulching can help conserve moisture.

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