Black Eyed Susan, VINE mix (Thunbergia alata) - 50 Seeds

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Get the most out of your summer garden with Black Eyed Susans Vine Mix! This fast-growing and beautiful tender flower vine is an heirloom bloomer that's hard to resist. Bright and sunny growing areas are an ideal spot for this spectacular climber which can reach up to 8 feet in just one season! With its long-lasting orange summer blooms you're sure to love this stunning addition. Whether you're looking to add vertical interest to your trellises, spruce up your hanging planters, or just brighten up a pot, the Black Eyed Susan vine has lots of options! In frost-free regions, this tough beauty can even reach 20 feet - giving you year after year of delight. So get growing and add a touch of summertime allure with Black Eyed Susan Vine Mix!

•Plant height: 6-8 feet
•Days to maturity: 70-80 days
•USDA Zone: 10-11 (grown as an annual in cooler climates)

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS (Included on packet):
Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date or sow directly outdoors after the risk of frost has passed. Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep and keep the soil consistently moist until germination occurs, which typically takes 7-21 days. Transplant seedlings outdoors after the last frost, spacing them 12-18 inches apart. Black-Eyed Susan Vines prefer full sun to partial shade and well-draining, fertile soil. Provide support for climbing.

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