Squash, Blue Hubbard Winter (Cucurbita maxima) - 20 Seeds

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Blue Hubbard Winter Squash (Cucurbita maxima) - 20 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•Open Pollinated
•USDA Zones 3-12

This popular Hubbard type, Blue Hubbard, produces football shaped fruits that weigh up to 30 pounds. This variety has blue-gray skin and fine textured orange flesh that matures in about 110 days. It has a sweet flavor and is delicious in pies, steamed, baked and stores extremely well.

Growing Instructions:
Gardeners with short growing seasons may want to start their squash seeds indoors a month before the last expected frost. Since squashes do not take well to transplanting, peat pots are the best option. Plant 2 seeds per pot, later clipping off the weaker seedling. Harden the seedlings by exposing them to weather for several hours a day for a week before transplanting them after the last frost once soil temps average above 60°F. Plant in very rich soil, 8-10 inches apart.

To direct sow, plant the seeds a week or so after the last frost ½” deep, 3-4” apart and thin to 8-10” apart. Avoid planting them with potatoes. Keep moist, but avoid soaking the leaves as this can lead to rot or mildew. When vines develop, adding a layer of much can be very beneficial. By midsummer, pinch off all the blooms to concentrate the plant’s energy on the developing squashes. Seedlings don’t tolerate frost well, so provide protective covering if cold weather threatens.