Boneset, Eupatorium (Eupatorium Perfoliatum) - 100 Seeds

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Commonly known as Boneset, this remarkable flower is native to the Southern and Eastern United States. Boneset is large and showy, bearing masses of long-lived, white flowers which are truly unique. The butterflies and bees cannot leave these flowers alone! Grow Eupatorium in your own garden from flower seeds! They make a lovely addition to the wildflower garden or to the back of the perennial garden as they can reach 48 inches in height.

•American grown seeds
•Height: 48"
•USDA Zones: 3-9

Planting Instructions:
Boneset herb plants prefer full sun to partial shade and moist soils. Sow 6-7 boneset seeds per plant on soil surface, 18-24" apart, tamp down and keep evenly moist until germination. This Eupatorium commonly grows in flood plains, swamps, bogs, stream banks, and wet meadows so moisture is a requirement. Eupatorium Boneset is a liberal self-sower, dropping its own flower seeds. Deadhead the spent flowers if you do not want it to spread.

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