Butterfly Garden Seed Collection - 10 Varieties

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QUANTITY: 10 Seed Varieties

Transform your garden into a paradise for butterflies with this Butterfly Garden Seed Collection. This selection is rich in nectar-producing flowers that attract a variety of butterflies, enhancing the biodiversity and beauty of your outdoor space. Grow these flowers and enjoy the fluttering of colorful wings all season long! Like always, our collections are fully customizable, so put any substitutions you would like to make in the "buyer's note" at checkout.

Butterfly Garden Collection includes:

•Black Eyed Susan's - 100 seeds
•Butterfly Weed - 35 seeds
•Coneflower, Purple (Echinacea) - 100 seeds
•Goldenrod, Showy - 100 seeds
•Indigo, Blue - 35 seeds
•Joe Pye Weed - 100 seeds
•Marigold, Crackerjack - 100 seeds
•Milkweed, Common - 50 seeds
•Sunflower, Autumn Beauty - 25 seeds
•Yarrow, Golden Parker - 100 seeds

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS (Included on packet): Each variety is unique, so follow the specific growing instructions on each individual seed packet for best results.