Melon, Canary (Cucumis melo) - 25 Seeds

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Canary Melon (Cucumis melo) - 25 Seeds

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zone 3-9

Canary Melon seeds grow a long and luscious vine that will produce bright yellow melons. The melons have a sweet taste, similar to that of a honeydew melon. The Canary Melon does best in full sun and can be harvested after one hundred days. Melons are brightly colored and slightly larger than your average cantaloupe or honeydew melon. Melon flesh is pale green with a delicate flavor that enhances the flavor of any fruit salad.

Growing Instructions:
The Canary Melon is a warm-weather crop that thrives in full sun and should be planted after the final threat of frost of the season has passed. Seeds should be sown into soil that is consistently moist, but not overwatered, and they do best when some sort of compost has been added to the soil for nutrients. Sow the seeds an inch deep in the soil, and form small hills for each seed. Rows should be six feet apart with individual plants three feet apart. To keep the soil moist, it will require between 1-2" of water each week. Avoid using insecticides so that the vines can receive pollination from bees. It is helpful to use a fence or trellis so that the vines can grow up, but if melons grow too large, they may need the support of the ground or extra support on the fence. Between 80 and 90 days, the melons are ready to be harvested. They should be easily picked off of the vine.