Chicken Treats Seed Collection - 10 Varieties

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Grow your own chicken food with this specially curated collection of 10 heirloom varieties, chosen for their popularity among backyard chickens. Each of these open-pollinated selections provides nutritional and health benefits for your feathered friends, while also enriching your garden as well. This collection not only provides a diverse and healthful diet for your chickens but also enhances your garden's biodiversity and productivity.

In this collection, you will receive:

Alfalfa - 500 Seeds: A high-protein perennial that's packed with essential vitamins, promoting overall health and productivity in chickens. These seeds can be grown as sprouts or as traditional crops.

Clover, Red - 200 Seeds: Serves as an excellent nitrogen-fixing ground cover, offering a high-protein forage option for chickens.

Dandelion - 50 Seeds: This ubiquitous nutritious "weed" is a favorite among chickens and ensures they get a variety of minerals in their diet.

Kale, Lacinato - 250 Seeds: A vitamin-rich, hardy green that can be grown in most seasons, providing a nutritious addition to your chickens' diet.

Marigold, Crackerjack - 100 Seeds: Edible flowers that chickens love; marigolds contribute to the natural coloring of egg yolks and help repel garden pests.

Nasturtium, Jewel - 30 Seeds: Both the leaves and flowers are a peppery treat for chickens, with the added advantage of repelling certain pests.

Oregano, Italian - 200 Seeds: Known for its natural healing properties, oregano promotes chicken health and can be easily integrated into their environment.

Pumpkin, Small Sugar - 25 Seeds: A fun and nutritious snack for chickens, especially appreciated in the fall, with seeds that support natural deworming.

Sunflower, Mammoth Grey - 25 Seeds: Provides a high-energy food source with its seeds, while the plants offer shade and environmental enrichment.

Swiss Chard, Ruby Red - 100 Seeds: Nutritious greens that can withstand chicken foraging, offering a resilient year-round food source.

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: Detailed growing instructions for each variety are included in their individual seed packets.