Clover, Micro (Mini) - 10,000 Seeds

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Clover, Micro (Trifolium repens) - 10,000 Seeds

• Lawn Alternative
• Perennial
• Non-GMO
• USDA Zone: 3-9

• Clover only coverage = 1 packet per 32-40 sq ft
• Grass supplement coverage (5% clover seed/95% grass seed) = 1 packet per 800-1000 sq ft

Micro Clover is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a low-maintenance, resilient, and environmentally friendly lawn alternative. This perennial white clover variety withstands mowing and foot traffic, making it perfect for high-traffic areas and lawns that see regular use. As a landscaping solution, Micro Clover prevents weed growth and requires minimal care, thriving in various soil conditions and climates.

Use it to supplement existing turf for a lusher, more uniform appearance, or plant it on its own to create a vibrant, green landscape. This versatile clover improves soil health by fixing nitrogen, which benefits surrounding plants and enhances soil fertility. Whether you're looking to repair patches in your lawn or create a low-maintenance alternative to traditional grass, Micro Clover is a reliable choice for achieving a healthier, greener outdoor space. Seeds are inoculated to help retain moisture.

As a supplement, adding just 2-5% of the Micro Clover seeds to grass seed mix can dramatically improve you lawn quality.

Before planting rake areas to remove debris. Plant after frost dangers in the spring or 6 weeks before frost dangers in the fall in mostly to full sun areas. Sow rate: Clover only is 1 packet per 32-40 sq ft. Grass supplement at 5% clover, 95% grass is 1 packet per 800-1,000 sq ft. Rake to even spread across the soil. After sowing, keep moist and doing allow to dry out between waterings.