Corn, Ambrosia (Zea mays) - 60 Seeds

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Corn, Ambrosia (Zea mays) - 60 Seeds

• Sweet Corn
• Hybrid Vegetable
• Non-GMO
• American Grown Seeds
• Annual
• USDA Zone: 3-11

Feast your eyes (and your taste buds) on the Ambrosia Corn (Zea mays). This isn't your average corn—it's a bicolor sweet corn that truly lives up to its name. Ambrosia is all about balance, offering a divine mix of creamy white and sweet yellow kernels. It's like a bite of sunshine and cool clouds all at once. And growing it is a breeze. Resilient, robust, and ready to grow, it's a variety that delivers in the garden and on the dinner table. Taste the sweetness of summer with Ambrosia Corn.

Ambrosia Corn thrives in full sun and requires no stratification. Sow the seeds directly outdoors at a depth of 1 inch in well-draining soil once the soil temperature reaches at least 60°F (15°C). Space the plants 9-12 inches apart, with 30-36 inches between rows. Keep the soil consistently moist during the germination period, which typically takes 7-10 days. Provide support for the tall stalks as needed, and ensure adequate pollination by planting in blocks rather than rows.