Cornflower, Montana (Centaurea montana) - 30 Seeds

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Cornflower, Montana (Centaurea montana) - 30 Seeds

• Heirloom Flower
• Perennial
• Non-GMO
• American Grown Seeds
• USDA Zone: 3-8

Introduce the enchanting Cornflower, Montana, also known as Mountain Bluet or Mountain Cornflower, to your garden for a touch of serene blue beauty. This heirloom perennial is celebrated for its vivid blue blooms that add a striking splash of color to any garden space. Easy to grow and requiring minimal maintenance, Centaurea montana is a robust plant that thrives in a variety of soil conditions and climates.

Ideal for wildflower gardens, borders, or as a part of a naturalized landscape, the Cornflower, Montana, provides long-lasting blooms that are perfect for cutting and arranging. Its charming blue flowers not only attract the eye but also draw in pollinators, enhancing the biodiversity of your garden. With its ability to establish quickly and spread, this plant is a fantastic choice for gardeners looking to create a vibrant and dynamic garden display.

Cornflower thrives in full sun to partial shade and requires no stratification. Sow the 2 seeds directly outdoors at a depth of ¼ inch in well-draining soil after the last frost. Space the plants 12 inches apart. Keep the soil consistently moist during the germination period, which typically takes 7-14 days. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage continuous flowering throughout the season.