Cotton, Upland (Gossypium hirsutum) - 20 Seeds

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American Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) - 20 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 9-11

Gossypium hirsutum , known as American Upland Cotton or Mexican Cotton , is the most widely planted species of cotton in the United States, constituting some 95% of all cotton production. Worldwide, the figure is about 90% of all production for this species. On top of being an amazing cotton for its fiber, it's also the primary variety used to produce cottonseed oil. Archeological evidence shows that this variety of cotton has been cultivated as long ago as 3,500BC!

*Check your state to see if recreational cotton growing is allowed.

Interesting fact:
Cotton is not a flower, in fact, it is more akin to a dandelion. After about 100 days, cotton bolls begin to fill and open up where the flowers once were. Each boll contains about 32 immature seeds from which cotton fibers will begin to grow. The boll itself is actually considered a fruit because it contains seeds.

Planting Instructions:
Cotton seed germinates very easily. In fact, in zone 11 it is considered to be self-sowing. Sow seeds indoors in late spring after soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours. Use a rich potting mix. Plant 1 - 2 flower seeds per plant, covering 1/4" with soil. Keep moist until germination and in a sunny location. Replant the seedling each month to a larger container to help it grow as the root system expands considerably. Young cotton plants are very sensitive to cold. As it matures, the plants should be well-watered, but allowed to dry between waterings.

Germination temp: 70°
Light required for germination: Yes
Soil type: Wet soil pH 7.0
Seed depth: 1/4"
Sow rate: 2 seeds per plant
Plant spacing: 9-12"

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