Cucumber, Armenian Yard-Long (Cucumis melo) - 30 Seeds

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Armenian Yard-Long Cucumber (Cucumis melo) - 30 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•USDA Zone: 4-12

Believed to originate from India, Armenian Cucumbers flourish in mild to warm climates and requires lots of water. The fruit can grow to enormous lengths, earning it the name, The Snake Melon. Also known as the Pale Green Metki, this plant has a vine growth habit and does well when vines are trellised. These cucumbers take on a yellow hue when ripe and emits an aroma similar to cantaloupe. The fruit is very sweet and tender. Use in a variety of recipes that call for cucumbers.

Growing Instructions:
Seeds need full sun and should be planted in warm soil with a pH level between 6 and 6.8. Sow the seeds an inch deep with 36 inches between plants. If you are using a trellis, a foot between plants is adequate. Cucumbers will need regular watering while growing. When ready to harvest, cut the Straight Eight cucumbers at the stem. Sow after threat of frost. Prefers soil temps between 65-75°.

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