Cucumber, Spacemaster (Cucumis sativus) - 30 Seeds

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Spacemaster Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) - 30 Seeds

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The name says it all... if you're looking for the best compact cucumber that will work in a container garden, hanging basket, garden bed or anywhere that space is a premium, this is the one for you. Extremely versatile, the 18" high plants produce 8" long fruits that are resistant to cucumber mosaic virus and can use the fruit for pickling when small, or for slicing as they get bigger.

Growing Instructions:
Spacemaster cucumbers do not take well to transplanting, so either start them early in peat pots or plant them directly. Start them indoors about 2 weeks before frost, placing 3-4 Spacemaster cucumber seeds 1/2" deep in the pot. Keep the air temperature at least 80°F. When two or three leaves appear on each plant, cut off all but the strongest plant with a scissors. Before planting them, "harden" the seedlings by setting them outside during the day. They should be planted no sooner than a week after the last spring frost, when the air temperatures consistently average 65-75°F. For planting them in a hill, place three seedlings or 7-8 seeds in each hill; space hills 4-5' apart. If rows are preferable, plant seedlings 1' apart or place 5 seeds within 1' and later thin them. Cucumbers love heat and cannot endure even a light frost; if cold temperatures threaten, cover the seedlings. Spacemaster cucumbers produce rather short vines, and perform well as container plants for small spaces. For companion planting benefits, consider planting several radishes with cucumbers which seems to repel damaging cucumber beetles. However, cucumbers do not like being planted near potatoes or aromatic herbs.

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