Squash, Delicata (Cucurbita Pepo) - 20 Seeds

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The old folks call it Sweet Potato Squash for its rich, sugary, tender flavor, and you will see what they mean with the very first bite! Delicata is the absolute best winter squash for long-term storage, but despite being a winter squash, they grow during the peak of summer and are harvested in the fall.

Weighing in at 1 to 1½ pounds each, these lozenge-shaped loaves are white to cream, with grooves and dark green stripes and flecks. Inside, the flesh is golden-orange, with a central seed cavity. To cook delicata, simply slice the fruit lengthwise and steam or bake it right in its "shell"; it also works well on the grill, because the rind is tough enough to hold together and impart a smoky flavor. The flesh can also be scooped out and pureed or chopped before cooking, of course. It has a nutty, sweet flavor. And you can even roast the seeds like pumpkin seeds!

These delicata squash reach about 7 to 9 inches long and up to 4 inches in diameter, and they arise quite freely on vigorous vines. Delicata has a fabulous storage ability, bringing you great eating all winter!

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•American grown seeds
•80-100 Days
•USDA Zones: 3-9

Growing Instructions:
Best sown outdoors after all danger of frost has passed in the spring. Seeds can also be sown indoors, 2-3 weeks before planting out, at a temperature of 70-75°. Indoors and out, sow 2-3 seeds per plant, ½ to 1“ deep spaced 24-28" apart and expect germination in 7-10 days and 40-50 days from sowing to harvesting. Thin to 1 plant per spacing, container or cell with scissors.

Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves in full sun and very rich, sandy, well-drained soil. Harden plants 4-7 days prior to transplanting by slowly acclimating them to the outdoors. Keep weeded and well watered. Fertilize prior to planting and again every 3 weeks until harvest.

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