Dill, Dukat (Anethum graveolens) - 100 Seeds

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This Danish dill is particularly sweet and mellow, ideal for traditional Scandinavian dishes. Blue green, finely cut leaves hold better than other varieties. Don't be shy when it comes to using Dukat's aromatic fresh leaf fronds. It is most delicious served over grilled or poached salmon or other fish, topped with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, mixed green salads and dressings, and sauces. During the blooming season, let some plants bloom to attract butterflies, and then harvest their pungent seed heads to season pickles.

•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-12

Growing Instructions:
Successive sowings can be done every three weeks to harvest fresh greens continuously. Direct sowing is recommended. Sow in spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Plant seeds 1/8- 1/4" deep, 2 seeds per inch. Thinning is not necessary, but a 4" final spacing produces healthy, full plants. Transplanting option: Dill can be started inside in individual containers or cell trays. Sow 3-5 seeds per cell and thin to 1-2 plants each. Transplant to garden using 4" spacing in rows at least 12" apart. HARVEST: Foliage may be harvested once the plants have become established right up to flowering. Harvest seed heads just as the seeds begin to turn a golden brown. Foliage and seeds can both be dried and stored for future use.

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