Dried Valerian Root - 2 cups (Valeriana officinalis)

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Dried Valerian Root - 2 cups

Known for its calming effects, Valeriana officinalis belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family. Despite its pungent roots, Valerian has pleasant, sweet-smelling flowers. Since ancient Greece and in traditional European folklore, valerian root has been used regardless of its strong odor. Valerian roots are often infusions, but can also be added to herbal tea blends and tinctures. Valerian originates from Europe and parts of Asia. The plant is native to moist and temperate climates in meadows, woodlands, and has been naturalized in North America. Many say the pungent smell of the roots is comparable to the smell of dirty socks. Its scent is highly appealing to cats in the same way that catnip is to them, causing them to lick its roots and rub against them.

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