Kohlrabi, Early White Vienna (Brassica oleracea) - 100 Seeds

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Early White Vienna Kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea) - 100 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•Sow in spring in frost zones.
•Sow in spring or fall for frost free zones.

The White Vienna Kohlrabi nicknamed Petra is an early variety that grows to 12″ inches high. The pale green, flattened, globe shaped bulbs are smooth and tender and form above the ground. Very similar to cabbage, this variety is much sweeter and creamer. The uniquely flavored white flesh of this Kohlrabi tastes the best when bulbs are 3″ in diameter. Start sowing in the spring to enjoy a successful harvest over a longer period of time.

Growing Instructions (USDA Zones 3-9):
Sow seeds after frost danger in spring. In frost free areas, you can sow in the fall as well.

Sow 1-2 seeds per cell, 1/2″ deep, when ready transplant outdoors at 6-8″ between plants. Water often to keep the soil moist, but not saturated. The Early White Vienna seeds will thrive in well drained soil with organic matter and a pH level between 6.5 and 7. For direct sowing, plant the seeds half an inch deep, 1-2 seeds per plant with 4-6” between plants and rows 18” apart. While growing, the Early White Vienna crops will need one to two inches of water each week.

Kohlrabi is ready to harvest when its bulb is 1 to 3 inches in diameter, or about the size of a tennis ball. Do not pick the vegetable in warm weather, as the root becomes woody. Kohlrabi leaves also are edible. Boil them or use them in salads.