Bean, Lima, Henderson (Phaseolus lunatus) - 15 Seeds

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Native to Central America, lima beans are ideal for growing in warmer climates with plenty of sun. Reaching maturity after about sixty days of planting, lima beans can thrive in soils that drain well and have an average temperature. They have been described as having a buttery texture with a delicate flavor, and these beans are great for canning and freezing.

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•Matures in 60-90 days
•Zones 3-9

Growing Instructions:
Lima beans can be sown indoors, 2-3 weeks before the last average frost, and transplanted outside after 5-7 weeks. Alternatively, they can be sown directly outside 3-4 weeks after the last average frost, ideally in soil with a temperature of 65 degrees. The seeds should be sown 1.5-2 inches deep, with 3-6 inches between plants and 30-36 inches between rows. Pods can be harvested when they are plump and firm.

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