Radish, White Icicle (Raphanus sativus) - 100 Seeds

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White Icicle Radish (Raphanus sativus) - 100 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•Sow: Spring through summer

Also known as Lady Fingers, this heirloom produces uniformly long, smooth and tapered, snow-white beauties. Growing 4" to 6" long and up to 1" thick, they look exactly like glistening, little icicles. The flesh is pure white and crisp, yet tender and juicy, with a rich, spicy flavor. It is prized for its ability to stand up to hot summer temperatures as well as being a quick grower for an extra, fall crop. You can also allow it to grow larger without the risk of it becoming pithy or woody. Perfect for salads, stir-fries or use as an elegant garnish! We just love this variety.

Growing Instructions:
After the danger of hard frost has passed, direct sow Radish seed in moderately fertile, well-draining soil in full sunlight. If necessary, amend the soil lightly with organic fertilizer, compost and/or well rotted manure: Overly rich soil may result in too much top growth and not enough Radish. They prefer sunny, cool weather. Direct-sow 1⁄4" deep, 1/2-3/4" apart, in rows about 8" apart, tamp down and water lightly. The key to growing crisp, mild Radishes is to keep them well-watered and thinned to 1" to 2" apart once they are 2" tall. Radish thinnings may be tossed into salads~tops and all. Harvest Radishes when they are small and tender for the mildest flavor and most crispy texture. Pull each Radish gently out of the soil. Direct-sow every 7 to 14 days for a steady supply throughout the summer.