Hyssop, White (Hyssopus officinalis) - 50 Seeds

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This old-fashioned plant is a favorite among gardeners for its snow-white flowers and minty flavor. The White Hyssop is also loved by bees, making it a perfect addition to any garden.

•Hyssopus officinalis
•American grown seeds
•Deer Resistant
•USDA Zones: 4-9

Planting Instructions:
Hyssop thrives in light, well drained soil and full sun or partial shade and should be planted after the last frost of spring. It can also be planted in late fall for spring germination. Since the seeds need light to germinate, sow them 2-3 seeds per plant on the surface of the soil 6" apart and thin them to 12" when seedlings emerge. Germination may take as long as 4 weeks.