Lettuce, Mesclun Mix (Lactuca sativa) - 500 Seeds

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Mesclun Mixed Lettuce Greens (Lactuca sativa) - 500 Seeds

•Baby Greens
•American grown seeds
•Easy to grow

This mesclun mix grows into vibrant greens that can be harvested anywhere from baby leaf to adult stage. The seed grows well in most areas of the United States and is terrific for spring and fall planting. A wonderful collection of differing colors, texture and flavor. Mix includes...

•Swiss Chard

Growing Instructions:
Start by sowing the non-GMO seeds 1/8 inch in soil, one inch apart, in rows twelve to eighteen inches apart. Hold your hand over your seed bed and shake it side to side allowing seed to fall onto the bed . Your goal is to distribute the seeds evenly about 1" inch apart. Make adjustments in seed spacing by moving your hand closer or farther from the soil. Firm the soil lightly. While growing, keep the soil well watered. Harvest between 35 and 75 days after planting.

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