Leek, Giant Musselburgh (Allium porrum) - 200 Seeds

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Giant Musselburgh Leek (Allium porrum) - 200 Seeds

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•Sow in spring
•Sow in summer in warmer climates for overwintering

One of the best winter-hardy leeks you can grow. This Scottish heirloom has provided families with hearty soups and stews since the 1830s. An old dependable leek that produces thick white stalks 2–3 inches in diameter. The mild flavor and smooth, tender stalks explain why this variety has been passed from one generation to the next.

Growing Instructions:
Start leeks indoors 2-3 months before the last frost of spring sowing them 1/4" deep in flats at 60-70°. When they reach a height of 2", transplant the seedlings into separate pots. Transplant them in rich soil and full sun about a week after the last frost when they are roughly 6-12" tall. Dig holes 1-2 feet apart and deep enough so that the plant only emerges several inches out of the soil. Water the seedlings and fill the hole with loose dirt. Does amazing well with celery, onions and carrots as companion plants. As leeks mature, most gardeners blanch the stalks by mounding up dirt or mulch around them. This technique gives the leeks improved flavor and also allows them to grow well past the first frost of fall. Keep soil evenly moist and apply compost or organic material once a month since leeks thrive in very rich soil. Harvest the leeks as soon as they reach a desirable size for eating.

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