Poppy, Danish Flag (Papaver somniferum) - 100 Seeds

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Poppy, Danish Flag (Papaver somniferum) - 100 Seeds

• Heirloom
• Non-GMO
• American Grown Seeds
• Annual
• USDA Zone: 3-9

The Danish Flag Poppy boasts striking ruffled red petals accented with a central white cross, reminiscent of the Danish national flag. This heirloom poppy variety adds a dramatic splash of color to any garden setting. An excellent choice for borders, mass plantings, or as a stand-alone specimen, its vibrant blooms are sure to captivate and delight. Beyond its beauty, the Danish Flag Poppy is easy to grow and will readily reseed, ensuring its presence in your garden year after year.

Plant Danish flag poppies directly outdoors when soil is 50-65°F, either in fall or early spring. Due to their fragile roots, avoid starting indoors. Sow seeds 1/16" deep, spaced 8-12 inches apart or scatter and thin after germination. Keep the soil moist until they sprout.