Poppy, California Mix (Eschscholzia californica) - 200 Seeds

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Can't decide which California poppy to choose? Our California Poppy Mix contains a variety of colors ranging from pastel to richly hued shades of cream, orange, rose, mustard and violet. These long-lasting blooms are sure to add some uniqueness to your garden, and they'll keep on blooming throughout the summer and into fall.

•State flower of California
•American grown seeds
•US Native Wildflower
•Perennial (zones 8-10), Annual elsewhere
•USDA Zones: 1-10

Planting Instructions:
Sow California poppy seeds in early spring, planting the seed 1/4" below the surface of the soil; keep the soil lightly moist until germination, which should occur in 2-3 weeks at a soil temperature of 60-65 degrees. In USDA Zones 7 and warmer, bulk poppy seeds can be fall planted. Poppies do not transplant well, and must be planted while very small if started indoors. Water seedlings occasionally, but decrease watering as the plants mature; poppies tolerate drought well and will only need watering in periods of extreme dryness. This plant tolerates most soils that drain well, as well as adapting to seaside conditions. This plant does not need rich soil, and actually blooms best in poor soil. Pinch off faded blossoms for the most prolific blooming.