Poppy, Red (Papaver rhoeas) - 100 Seeds

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Looking for a way to add some color to your garden and pay tribute to fallen soldiers at the same time? Then our red poppy seeds are perfect for you! With their vivid red hue, these annuals are sure to make a statement in any garden. And since they're often used to remember those who were lost in battle, planting them is a great way to honor their memory. The red poppy is also known for its symbol of the American Legion, making it a patriotic choice for any gardener.

•Symbol for fallen soldiers, Remembrance Day, and the American Legion
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 1-12

Planting Instructions:
Seeds should be sown late in the fall or as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. Plant just below the soil's surface, compacting the soil lightly. The soil needs to remain consistently moist from 10-20 days until germination takes place. Seedlings dislike having their roots disturbed, so avoid moving them. It is important to water seedlings occasionally until they are well established. Despite drought tolerance, mature plants appreciate watering during dry weather. Since these plants are not transplantable, don't move or divide them.

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