Sweet Pea, Prince of Orange (Lathyrus odoratus) - 25 Seeds

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Gardeners will be delighted by the Prince of Orange Sweet Pea, a rare annual climbing vine blooming with unique fluorescent bicolored petals. Its unfolding flowers boast shades of orange, pink, and coral that create beautiful displays in any garden. It is an open pollinated plant that thrives in bright sunny areas and typically has spring blooms. In the warmest planting zones it can be planted in fall for winter blooms. As an added bonus, when it blooms, it releases a wonderful fragrant scent sure to bring pleasure and delight.

•Lathyrus odoratus
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-9

Planting Instructions:
Seeds need to be scarified before sowing. Nick the seed with a nail clipper breaks the outer coat and then soak overnight in warm water. Sow 1-2 seeds per plant, 1/2" deep with 3" spacing, later thinning to 5-6" between plants.