Swiss Chard, Rainbow (Beta vulgaris) - 100 Seeds

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If you want a brilliant pop of color on your plate, look no further than our heirloom Rainbow Swiss Chards. Not only are the decorative, but they're downright delicious whether raw or cooked. Pick young leaves for salads or fully grow them for their stalks. This variety has a mix of red, pink, yellow and orange stems with green leaves.

•Beta vulgaris subsp. circla
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-12

Growing Instructions:
Direct sow rainbow Swiss chard seeds for planting about a week after the last spring frost, planting it 1/2" deep in compost-enriched soil in full sun. For harvesting the entire plant, space the plants 4-5" apart; for continual harvesting of the outer stalks, space the plants 8-10" apart for larger growth. For a continuous summer crop, plant more Swiss chard every two weeks. Germination should occur in about a week. Swiss chard can survive light frosts, and can be planted as a fall crop. Keep the soil evenly moist and weed free with a layer of mulch. Moisture is especially crucial to the seedlings in the first stages of their growth.