Save the Bees Wildflower Seed Mix - 18 Flower Varieties - 1,000 Seeds

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(1,000+ Seeds) Looking to do your part in saving the bees? Then our "Save the Bees" Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mix is perfect for you! This mix is packed with 18 different species of flowers that are sure to attract bees, birds, and butterflies to your garden. So not only will you be doing your part in helping out our little pollinators, but you'll also get to enjoy a beautiful and colorful garden in the process!

•American grown seeds
•50% Perennial, 50% Annual
•18 Wildflower Varieties
•USDA Zones: All Zones

Mix includes...

Alyssum, Sweet
Aster, New England
Baby Blue Eyes
Bee Balm, Wild
Blanket Flower
Blazing Star (Gayfeather)
Clover, Crimson
Coneflower, Purple (Echinacea)
Coneflower, Yellow
Coreopsis, Lance Leaf
Cosmos, Sensation Mix
Evening Primrose
Lupine, Perennial
Phacelia, Purple
Poppy, California Orange
Poppy, Red Cron
Sunflower, Lemon Queen
Wallflower, Siberian

Planting Instructions:
Sow in the fall after the first autumn frost for a spring germination just after the first killing frost of the season or in the spring within a month of the final frost of spring. It's important not to plant them too early in the spring. In full sun to shady areas, clear the intended area of grass and weeds and then broadcast spread the seeds across the area. To achieve an even distribution, mix 5 parts sand to 1 part seed. This will help you mark which areas have been seeded. After seeded, lightly compress the seeds into the soil or cover with soil about 1/4-1/2" to protect from critters and being washed away by the rain. Water during dry periods.